Southern Adirondack Trail sign NY Route 8: Southern Adirondack Trail

From the Northway, I-87 Exit 25 to the Thruway, I-90 Exit 31 Find Us on Facebook

Southern Adirondack Trail sign
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Utica to Exit 31 of Thruway

North on NY 8: Poland & Russia | East on NY 5: Herkimer

Utica from NY 8 north
NY 8 breaks off of NY 28 NW of Poland, in Deerfield, to Utica
NY 8 breaks off of NY 28 NW of Poland, in Deerfield, to Utica

When you get to Poland from the east, you turn right or north in Poland Village to keep on NY Route 8 south. You double on NY 28 for a couple miles, then NY 28 turns right and crosses Cincinnatus Creek and NY Route 8 hooks off to the south and becomes a 4 lane limited access highway when it meets our NY Route 12 coming down the hill from Barnveld and Boonville. The road is bascally a big toboggan run all the way down the plateau and the Adirondacks to the City of Utica and the Thruway, I-90. It is mot a very scenic last stretch on a divided expressway, but quick and easy run to Exit 31 of the New York State Thruway. Utica is a fairly large older industrial city, Onieda County's seat, built along the same canal, road and rail corridot the other Mohawk Valley towns are. But here you are west of the pass and starting to hit the flatter western part of New York State.

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