NY Route 28N: Roosevelt-Marcy Trail: Newcomb & Tahawus

NY Route 28N: Roosevelt-Marcy Trail: Newcomb & Tahawus

Lake Harris Town Recreation Area + Beach Lake Harris Town Recreation Area + Beach in Newcomb

Newcomb is the source of the Hudson River*, according to the signs, and is a popular destination. At the old National Lead Mine Works, at Tahawus, off CR 25, first iron, then titanium was mined till the mine shut down in the 1980's. You can access the Marcy High Peak Trails through Indian Pass from the trailhead at the old NL Mine Works. The town provides lots of access to the Hudson River and it's claimed that it's source is Newcomb Lake. You can access the Santanoni Range from the center of town north off of Owens Road, but permits are required for camping. There is a 45mph speed limit for 4.5 miles through the center of the town on NY 28N. North of the road is Rich and Harris Lake. There is a state campground on the east side of Harris Lake. West of the town is the Huntington Wildlife Forest, part of SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry, which is open for day use but no camping or hunting. There are two access points for visitors there: Goodnow Mountain & Rich Lake boat access, non motorized craft only! The town has a good set of parks, including a complete free beach on Harris Lake, fitness trail and boat launch.

Camp Santanoni Camp Santanoni

The road is very good through the Town of Newcomb, with lot's of straight aways and passing zones, but mind the 45 mph zone through the town center. That zone is almost 5 miles long. The real problem area on NY 28 N is west of Newcomb on the way to Long Lake. The Essex County half is horrid and bumpy but the Hamilton County, Long Lake half is actually really good as of the Spring of 2014.

Crossing the Hudson NY 28N Crosses the Hudson River. OK It isn't the Tappen Zee here
NY 28N East of Newcomb NY 28N East of Newcomb NY 28N West of Newcomb NY 28N West of Newcomb
Nice Moving Shot with the Camera over the Steering Wheel

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(It's really Lake Tear of the Clouds. But that lake is in the town too.)