NY Route 28N: Roosevelt-Marcy Trail: Minerva & Olmstedville

Minerva & Olmstedville

Minerva Center on NY 28N
Minerva Center on NY 28N

Minerva is a the first town in Essex County north of North Creek after you cross the Hudson River. It is a quiet Adirondack town. Omstedville is a small hamlet just east of Minerva Center on Essex County Routes 29 & 30. Northwest of Minerva, on NY 28N, is the steepest and most dangerous part of the route as you climb the mountains towards Newcomb. It is not recommended in inclement weather and will test your nerve, car and skill. Many a car and motorist made their final road trip on this stretch. But it is a beautiful and remote piece of road.. The area is very mountainous to the west and is Adirondack cruising to the extreme, with breathtaking scenery up close. But be careful!

Olmstedville is located on Esex County Routes 29 & 30, a mile or so east of 28N. County Route 29 is also the road to Pottersville and the Adirondack Northway, so it is easy to find if you follow the signs for I-87. At one time it was an Irish settlement.when it was settled in 1810. Now it is the largest hamlet in the Town of Minerva. This is a good place to stay for Gore Mountain Skiing.

Spillway and Park in Olmsteadville

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Minerva: 12851 Olmstedville: 12857 Zip 518 Area Code

The Alpine Homestead Bed & Breakfast
County Road 29 in Olmstedville. 251-4697