NY Route 28: Central Adirondack Trail: Middleville Village
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NY Route 28: Southern Adirondack Trail
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Middleville Village

Looking south at the junction with NY 169, NY 29 by the Stewarts on the east bank
Looking south at the junction with NY 169, NY 29 by the Stewarts.

West side of the village over the creek

Southbound on NY 28 in Middleville, the road hits a big junction at the light by the Stewarts. You can turn right and keep on NY 28 south to Herkimer, following the West Canada Creek. It is a good road and safe all the way to NY 5 in Herkimer. You can go straight and keep on the Southern Adirondack Trail on NY 169 south to Little Falls. It is a great road going through rolling farm country and is a good roller coaster ride into the valley until the City of Little Falls. If you are heading on the Thruway eastbound, this is the way to go. Or you can turn left and take NY 29 lumber truck at the end of NY 29east to Johnstown, Gloversville and hit the Adirondack Trail on NY Route 30A. This is a great semi-mountainous road that follows just below the southern end of the Adirondack Park boundary. NY 29 is also the dividing line between the Northern and Southern hunting zones all the way to Saratoga too. Middleville straddles both sides of West Canada Creek. The main junction is on the east bank and NY 28 will go through the west side south to Herkimer. It is considerably bigger than the other nearby villages.

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