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Herkimer Village, NYS Thruway, I-90 Exit 30

West Canada Creek by NY 5 bridge
West Canada Creek by NY 5 bridge
Little Fort By Thruway Exit 30
Little Fort By Thruway Exit 30

Herkimer is the county seat of Herkimer County. The Village of Herkimer is in the town and county of the same name. It was settled in the 1700's by Germans from the Palatine region. It is located right in the heart of the Mohawk Pass. astride the main canal. railroad and highway water level routes west. Also, this is where West Canada Creek dumps into the Mohawk River. Here, many battles were fought during the American Revolution in the days when this was the western frontier of America. General Herkimer, a German born patriot, led the militia in battles defending the forts and settlements against the British and their indian allies. He was mortally wounded and died a hero in the Battle of Oriskany nearby. There was a fort there called Fort Dayton. Watch "Drums Along the Mohawk". But to most people, this area is known for the diamond mines in the West Canada Creek Valley. It's population is between seven and eight thousand. There is a good strip in the village with all the large chain stores so stock up here before venturing up north to the park cause this will be your last chance to hit the big box stores.

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