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How To Save Gas On The Highway: Hybrids, Electric Vehicles, & More

Getting the best mileage and fuel economy on the highway is a priority for many drivers. Some people opt to reduce their gas expenses by driving an electric vehicle, a hybrid, or another type of alternate-fuel automobile. Others focus their conservation efforts on using less gas with their internal-combustion car. Reducing speeds can be an effective way to save gas. Proper tire inflation is another easy way to improve fuel efficiency. Tires naturally deflate, especially in cold weather. Therefore, check air levels frequently to get the best gas mileage. Whatever type of car you choose to drive, learning about fuel economy and applying this information to your driving habits can help you reduce your fuel expenses.

Hybrid Vehicles

A hybrid vehicle is a car that uses multiple sources of energy. Generally, a hybrid will use a standard internal-combustion engine with a typical fuel tank for holding gas. This car will also have an electric motor that uses a battery pack for energy. Hybrid cars usually burn gas for propulsion for the bulk of their power. The car also uses electric components to gather and utilize energy that a traditional car would waste. A hybrid car typically achieves better gas mileage than a traditional automobile because the electric battery works in conjunction with the internal-combustion engine. Along with the improved gas mileage, hybrid vehicles offer other incentives for consumers. Many lenders offer loan discounts for people financing hybrids. Insurance providers may also provide premium discounts on insurance rates. Some maintenance and repair costs will be lower with a hybrid. For example, with this car's combination of both gas and electric energy, braking actually results in less wear on brake pads. Hybrid owners usually find that their brake pads last as much as three times longer than those on traditional automobiles.

Electric Cars

An electric car receives its power solely from an electric motor without the help of an internal-combustion engine. To operate, an electric vehicle utilizes energy provided by rechargeable batteries. Owners must recharge the batteries to continue operating these automobiles. The limited range of driving between battery charges can be a disadvantage of electric cars. Recent improvements in technology have reduced recharging times, which has helped increase consumer interest in electric vehicles. By recharging an electric vehicle at home overnight in a garage, a consumer will never need to visit a gas station to keep this automobile running. Electric vehicles also do not need the same automobile maintenance that traditional cars need. These vehicles will never need oil changes, for instance. In addition, because they do not produce tailpipe emissions, electric cars never need emissions checks.

Considerations Before Hitting the Road

Taking a road trip can be an expensive proposition. Before you leave for the trip, you must prepare your vehicle. This may include a tuneup and other maintenance or repairs to make the automobile road-worthy. Replacing an old air filter before leaving for a road trip can help improve gas mileage. A tuneup can also improve fuel efficiency by as much as 4 percent. After preparing and packing, the trip itself can also be expensive. Travel costs include gas, food, lodging, and incidental expenses. If an unexpected automobile issue occurs, you will be forced to pay for auto repairs on the road with an unfamiliar mechanic. Families who struggle to afford a road trip might opt for a virtual car trip instead. This option involves using a website to explore the countryside. A map service on a website will allow you to see a street-level view of specific locations to experience them from the comfort of your home. Choose a specific location and you can visit it virtually with your computer instead of driving there. A virtual car trip can be an effective way to see the country without having to spend money or even take time off from work.

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