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NY Route 28: Central Adirondack Trail
NYRoute28.com: CentralAdirondackTrail.com
The East-West Site of NYRoutes.com from February, 2003
From the Adirondack Northway, I-87 to the New York State Thruway, I-90
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Dining, Lodging, Etc

NY 28 North Sign

Covering NY 28 Through the Adirondack Park from Warrensburg to Herkimer & Utica, including Indian, Blue Mountain, Raquette, Long Lakes, Old Forge Now the Catskills from Kingston to Margaretville

New For 2014: NY Route 28 through the Catskill Mountain State Park from Kingston to Margaretville
Kayakers on the Hudson River in Glen Kayakers on the Hudson River in Glen

Why NY Route 28?

  • It's a great, long, fun road to drive.
  • There are plenty of interesting places and cool people to meet.
  • It goes through the less used, less expensive parts of the Adirondacks.
  • The wilderness areas are less crowded, unlike the High Peaks mob scene.
  • There are good properties for sale at reasonable prices in the Park.
  • Follows the Hudson RIver on the East Side then the Moose River & Fulton Lake Chain on the west
  • Follows a Really Strange Route Through the Adirondacks, Mohawk Valley & the Catskills
  • Why Not?

Summer is here, the weather is great and it is so green too!
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Auto:   Summer is here, time for road trips. Make sure you check the tire pressure of your spare tire. The doughnut spares usually take 65 PSI but most people NEVER check the pressure.
Outdoors:   It's warm and damp. But be wary of ticks etc, so where good lightweight long sleave shirts and pants when in the brush or woods to keep ticks off, and a hat too. Shorts might look and feel cool, but when you are all scratched up with a few ticks lodged in you, that isn't too cool. Ticks = Lyme Disease.

Outdoor Activities

Services & Shops

XC Skiing
Downhill Skiing
Horseback Riding & Dude Ranches
Licensed Outdoor Guides
Hiking & Backpacking
roadmap Roadmap #2 Boooneville, Woodgate, Hinckey Resevoir Roadmap #1 Mowhawk Valley Dining
Motels & Resorts
Bed & Breakfasts
Gas Station/Convenience Stores
Gifts, Furniture & Antiques
Hardware, Building Supplies & Construction Services
General Stores
Vacation Rentals, Real Estate
Insurance And Financial
Culture & Entertainment
24 Hour Stores
Free Want Ads

NY 28: Central Adirondack Trail

East to West
Warrensburg  (Northway I-87 Exit 23)
Stony Creek
Friend's Lake
North Creek
North River
Indian Lake
Blue Mountain Lake
Raquette Lake & Camp Sagamore
Eagle Bay & Big Moose Lake
Old Forge & Thendara
McKeever & Otter Lake
Woodgate & White Lake
Forestport, Forestport Station & Woodhull
Alder Creek
Poland & Russia
Herkimer (Thruway, I-90 Exit 30)
High Resolution Topographic Maps Warrensburg-Glen Map
Friends Lake Map
North Creek Map
North River, 13th Lake Map
Long Lake Map
Blue Mountain Lake Map
Raquette Lake, Camp Sagamore Map
Raquette Lake to Inlet Map & Uncas
Old Forge - Thendara Area Map
Hinckley Reservoir Map
Forestport, Alder Creek & Kayuta Lake Map
Road Map 1:Mohawk Valley Map
Road Map 2: Newport, Boonville, to Woodgate Map
NY 28N: The Roosevelt - Marcy Trail East to West
North Creek
Minerva - Olmstedville
Newcomb - Tahawus
Long Lake
Blue Mountain Lake
NY 8 & 28:
Southern Adirondack Trail
South to North
Little Falls (Thruway, I-90 Exit 29A)
Herkimer (Thruway, I-90 Exit 30)
Poland & Russia
Norway, Ohio
NY 365: Hinckley Reservoir, Prospect
Morehouse, Piseco, Oxbow Lake
Lake Pleasant
NY Route 8 Towns: North to South
Riparius, Brant Lake
Johnsburg, Bakers Mill
Lake Pleasant
Morehouse, Piseco, Oxbow Lake
Norway, Ohio
Poland & Russia
Utica (Thruway, I-90 Exit 31)
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Driving Rules and Tips

A Guide to the all the natural wonders, towns and villages, shopping, services and outdoor fun along the main East-West, Central Adirondack Trail, route through the Adirondacks

Serving all folks: Tourists, Residents, Hunters, Fishermen, Vacationers, Settlers, Outdoorsmen and other lovers of the rugged outdoor life